Gemstones in Kenya

If you are looking at making Kenya a market place when it comes to gemstones production, polishing, refining, and trading we are welcoming you to Kenya Mining Forum where we are welcoming existing business and business professionals that will help to establish your activities and meet the right dealers/traders!

Kenya Mining Forum will also offer free technical workshops for small scale and gemstones traders and dealers to refine your skills and expertise! Get the best cutting and polishing techniques, and get advice for access to finance in order to start your business in the best conditions! 

Gemstone mining companies present in Kenya: 

  • Aqua Mines Ltd
  • Bridges Exploration Ltd. Green garnet 
  • E.A.P. & Miners 
  • Embaka Mining Co. 
  • Equator Gemstones (K) Ltd 
  • Hardrock Mining 
  • Joseph Migwa 
  • Kithiori Mining Company 
  • Kutima Investment Ltd. 
  • Mugwuku Mineralogy (EA) Company 
  • Onesmas Koli Kasambu 
  • Rockland Kenya Ltd. 
  • Stephen Njeru Kamunda 
  • Tsavolite Mining Co. Ltd 
  • William Mwang'ondi