Base Titanium

Comments from Simon Wall, External Affairs Manager, Base Titanium, Kenya

What are Base Titanium's latest projects?

In late 2016, Base Titanium undertook an exploration programme in Kwale County in the area to the immediate south of the current Special Mining Lease. This programme is an attempt to identify further mineral sands deposits in the hope of extending the mine life of the Kwale Mine.

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Why are you taking part in Kenya Mining Forum 2017?

Base Titanium is excited to show the world what is possible to achieve in Kenya. By showcasing the successful development and operation of the Kwale Mine and the strong cooperation and commitment received from the Government of Kenya, we hope to be viewed as a catalyst for further investment in the country’s mining sector, there is no better event for doing this in East Africa than the Kenya Mining Forum.

Base Titanium will also use the Kenya Mining Forum to demonstrate to potential investors the efforts being undertaken by the government to facilitate the growth of the mining sector. Central to this is the Mining Act 2016, but other initiatives are equally important; for example the plan to conduct the aerial geophysical survey, the huge investments being made in infrastructure and the drive to lower the cost of energy through increased production and improved delivery.

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