Kenya Vision 2030

The Kenya Vision 2030 is the national long-term development policy that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment. The Vision comprises of three key pillars: Economic; Social; and Political. The Economic Pillar aims to achieve an average economic growth rate of 10 per cent per annum and sustaining the same until 2030.

The Social Pillar seeks to engender just, cohesive and equitable social development in a clean and secure environment, while the Political Pillar aims to realize an issue-based, people-centered, result-oriented and accountable democratic system. The three pillars are anchored on the foundations of macroeconomic stability; infrastructural development; Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); Land Reforms; Human Resources  Development; Security and Public Sector Reforms.

Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat is charged with the mandate of spearheading the implementation of Vision 2030 as the country’s blueprint and strategy towards making Kenya a newly industrializing middle-income country . VDS provides strategic leadership and co-ordination in the realization of the overall goals and objectives of the Vision 2030 and its Medium Term Plans.

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