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    • The Association of Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya (“AWEIK”) is a nation-wide organization that aims to connect women in Kenya with professional and business opportunities in the extractives value-chain through fostering relationships and sharing knowledge and experiences. AWEIK, as the leading organization in Kenya to promote the participation of women in investment opportunities, decision-making processes, and professional growth, among others, in the extractives sector, is uniquely positioned to lobby and advocate for the insertion of women in extractive operations into national, regional and global value chains; with all the attendant requirements such as training and capacity-building.

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    • The Extractives Baraza ("EB") is an advocacy-neutral online platform that promotes knowledge, transparency and evidence-based stakeholder dialogue on the extractives sector in Kenya. Its ultimate goal is to enhance citizen participation and engagement in the governance of Kenya's extractives sector. The platform is currently supported through the Kenya Extractives Program ("KEXPRO"). However, the platform acts independently and aims to promote helpful dialogue and understanding by all those interested or affected by the extractive sector in Kenya. 

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