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    • The Association of Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya (“AWEIK”) is a nation-wide organization that aims to connect women in Kenya with professional and business opportunities in the extractives value-chain through fostering relationships and sharing knowledge and experiences. AWEIK, as the leading organization in Kenya to promote the participation of women in investment opportunities, decision-making processes, and professional growth, among others, in the extractives sector, is uniquely positioned to lobby and advocate for the insertion of women in extractive operations into national, regional and global value chains; with all the attendant requirements such as training and capacity-building.

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    • The Extractives Baraza ("EB") is an advocacy-neutral online platform that promotes knowledge, transparency and evidence-based stakeholder dialogue on the extractives sector in Kenya. Its ultimate goal is to enhance citizen participation and engagement in the governance of Kenya's extractives sector. The platform is currently supported through the Kenya Extractives Program ("KEXPRO"). However, the platform acts independently and aims to promote helpful dialogue and understanding by all those interested or affected by the extractive sector in Kenya. 

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  • Thank you to our Media Partners

    • African Business Review is a leading digital media source of news and content for C-level executives focused on business and industry-specific news from across the continent.

      Through its digital magazine, online website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, African Business Review helps executives stay up-to-date with the most fundamental operational issues in demanding and ever more competitive global business sectors.

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    • For over 20-years the magazine has enjoyed the readership of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, interior designers, developers, building specialists, contractors, landscape architects and contractors, real estate agents and investors, property managers, suppliers to the construction industry, government departments and ministries: local authorities, land surveyors, financial institutions, telecommunication companies etc.  The print edition is distributed in over ten Africa countries with the digital version sent monthly to over 200000 readers in our database.

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    • Energypost Africa Newspaper is a bi-weekly publication that take you around the world of all oil and gas, power, everything about energy in Africa and the globe.

      Energypost Africa Newspaper coversand report news storiesin ways that helps to shape the industry, helping it become more organised, creating a platform for all stakeholders in the industry to create synergy between proffessionals and non proffessionals alike in order to create avenues for investment and also to have a bird's eye view of all areas of the industry before they take the plunge.

      Energypost Africa Newspaper is a publication whose vision is to be the best in the industry and to provide incisive coverage in the energy sector with a focus on Africa

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    • Footprint to Africa is a media and investment company, aimed at facilitating and promoting investments in Africa. Footprint to Africa Media is home to the news platform, Africa in 10 Minutes and Popular in Africa. Footprint to Africa Investor Service acts as a bridge between investors and viable investment opportunities in Africa

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    • Matchdeck is re-inventing the way companies interact with and do business with each other. Our matching engine uses semantic web technology to match companies based on their business goals. Once matched, companies connect with each other directly on our platform and this removes the need for more traditional forms of B2B marketing.

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    • Mining Global is an innovative digital publication aimed at bringing business executives up-to-date with the latest news, information and trends from across the mining industry.

      Our digital platform includes an interactive website and magazine experience that will bring you inside the world of mining including comprehensive insight and analysis about the sector.

      We seek to inform, engage and interact with mining executives about key trends, technological advances, modern machinery, operational excellence and prominent leaders throughout the industry.

      With a physical presence in many of the world's largest economies, Mining Global is abreast of news and developments occurring around the clock. We strive to keep our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse to bring time-poor executives a breakdown of the most important news updates from one of the largest and most influential industries in the world.

      At Mining Global we aim to enhance the mining media landscape and generate open dialogue with our readers to influence the mining sector for the better, while creating an interactive client development tool.

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