Technical workshops programme


Staying high-tech to keep moving ahead

Tools for learner miners: How to be a modern miner?

  • Where to go to get training to enter the mining sector? 
  • How to get apprentice positions? 
  • The mechanics and technology opportunities available

Cutting edge laser technology hits Kenya’s Gem industry

  • What is a gemstone laser cutter?
  • How does it work? (demonstration – 20mins)
  • Benefits of gemstones being cut with this laser technology?
  • How to shine and buff stones to final beauty and selling stage?

Applications of Imagery in Mining

  • Imagery sources and types
  • Exploration and Planning 
  • Mine Operations
  • Environmental Compliance and Reclamation
  • Asset Management

The light at the end of the tunnel: Importance of quality and portable power

  • How to use electrical technology within the mining sector in Kenya?
  • Importance of lights and torches for every beginner 
  • Affordable and practical technology driven by power


Skills development: Shaping todays artisans for tomorrows high level demands

Developing an eye for detail is a skill to be acquired 

  • How to differentiate the gemstones?
  • Improving skills to identify quality within a rough gemstone 
  • Demonstrations and visuals on grades and colours of the gems

Acquiring microfinance and leasing beginners equipment in the mining sector

  • How to qualify for microfinance in the mining sector?
  • Who is leasing basic mining equipment? 
  • Avenues to hire purchase and share the load with other new industry players

Physical and  psychological employee wellbeing: Behavioural risk management 

  • Kenya mining working side by side with the flourishing building industry
  • An improved value chain in Kenyan mining: Reshaping the manufacturing and processing division
  • Panel Discussion: Value addition opportunities: Industrialising the mining sector

Health and safety for all scale miners

  • Importance of First Aid
  • How to stay Hydrated
  • Why CPR?
  • Operating machinery correctly 
  • How to attain a diploma to move forward in today’s mining industry?

Safety and Protective Mining Gear: A must have industry fashion statement

    Basic mining attire for: 
    • Above the ground miners
    • Below the ground miners

    Specialised mining attire for:
    • Above the ground miners
    • Below the ground miners

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